3 Ways You Can Relieve Your Neck Pain

It’s school time for students, and for many adults, it’s work routine as well. The increased amount of time sitting at a desk, working from a computer, along with the increase in stress can be a primary cause of neck pain and discomfort.

What Causes Neck Pain?

There are so many different causes of neck pain, but in the interest of this blog, let’s focus on the type that develops when you have been stressed and hunched over a computer or reading in a seemingly comfortable position for several hours a day. 

What Steps Can I Take?

The combination of poor posture and muscle strain causes discomfort and occasionally, pain. Thankfully there are many ways your chiropractor can help you to relieve this pain while teaching you ways to prevent it. Here are 3 ways you can relieve your neck pain at home, while ensuring you are visiting with your chiropractor as well:

Stretches. There are a few common muscles that are associated with neck pain, all of which are located in the upper back and neck. For the first stretch: while sitting or standing with a relaxed posture, allow your shoulders to drop down while you gently push your left ear to your left shoulder. The stretch will be felt in the side of your neck, hold it for 10 seconds. Then repeat on the other side. You can do this stretch for