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Spinal Decompression at Herrington Chiropractic in Hattiesburg

At Herrington Chiropractic, our patients often come to us with pain symptoms. They have lower back, neck, or other joint pain. They want relief. Yet, without a doubt, they want a solution. Unlike other treatments available from medical doctors, our goal is to provide you with a solution to your pain. We use noninvasive, non-painful methods to restore the proper function of your body. When you come in to see your Hattiesburg chiropractor, we may recommend a treatment called spinal decompression.

Chiropractor discussing spinal decompression with a spine model.

What Is Spinal Decompression?

For those with neck pain, back pain, or other types of joint pain, it’s important to know that the pain you feel is a symptom of the problem. It’s not the problem itself. With spinal decompression, we aim to fix that underlying problem. This method works to reduce the amount of strain and pressure placed on the spinal discs. These are fluid-filled discs that sit between each one of the spinal column bones, called the vertebrae.

Injury to the spinal column and some diseases cause the vertebrae to compact and compress against these discs. When this happens, the nerves located in the area become pinched or inflamed. There may not be anything wrong with the bones or the nerves themselves, nor the muscles in the area. Yet, these nerves are compressed and causing a miscommunication with the brain and the nerves, causing pain. Spinal decompression works to reduce that compression.

What Happens When You Get Spinal Decompression in Hattiesburg?

During spinal decompression in Hattiesburg, we’ll provide you with a thorough examination. We’ll locate the specific area of subluxation, or misalignment, that’s causing the pain. Spinal decompression is a type of traction therapy that’s used to manage this type of misalignment. It helps to pull the vertebrae back into position and opens up that space between the disc, reducing the pain. The spine is stretched and relaxed intermittently. This procedure is not painful, but you may feel some pressure during it.

During the procedure, a harness is placed around the hips and attached to a lower table. The upper part of the table remains in a fixed position, but the patient will move back and forth during the process of traction and relaxation. We offer a comprehensive treatment in our office aimed at helping to reduce pain in a non-painful and noninvasive manner.

We recommend seeing a chiropractor in Hattiesburg for this procedure if:

  • You have neck pain such as neck pain from whiplash
  • Back pain, including mid- and lower back pain
  • You have a slipped disc, herniated disc, or pinched nerve
  • You have other pain that’s not been alleviated with other types of chiropractic care

Schedule a Consultation with Your Chiropractor in Hattiesburg for Spinal Decompression Today!

If you think spinal decompression can help you, call your chiropractor in Hattiesburg for an appointment. We’ll look at your injuries and help you to find the right treatment plan for your needs. Spinal decompression is often a part of a more comprehensive program to treat your pain in a holistic, effective manner. Contact us today for an appointment at (601) 450-4567.

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I've been receiving chiropractic care for over 10 years and have seen multiple chiropractors throughout that time. Dr. Herrington is without any doubt the best that I've seen. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking chiropractic care in the Hattiesburg area. .

Leah Evans
Hattiesburg, MS

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