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Neck Pain Relief with our Chiropractor in Hattiesburg

When searching for a chiropractor near you to bring neck pain relief, we invite you to Herrington Chiropractic. Our holistic chiropractor in Hattiesburg uses natural techniques to eliminate your neck pain and remove the cause of your discomfort. Whether your neck pain has appeared suddenly after an accident during sports, on the road or at work, or if your pain has gradually worsened, we offer a variety of gentle treatments to stop the progression and alleviate your sore neck. Neck pain affects your enjoyment of daily life. Instead of having freedom of movement, you are limited by a stiff neck and pain that interrupts work, life and physical activities. Our chiropractor near you in Hattiesburg, Dr. Brandon Herrington, lets you know you do not have to live with this pain. Herrington Chiropractic offers effective neck pain treatment that will also enhance your overall health, energy level and mental clarity. 

Woman with neck pain in Hattiesburg

Neck Pain Treatment with Hattiesburg Chiropractor

Dr. Herrington believes in the ability of your body to restore itself to pain free living. Using this approach, chiropractic care positions your body to heal. We do not use medications or surgery to alleviate your neck pain. Instead, Dr. Herrington aligns the vertebrae in your neck with gentle adjustments to alleviate nerve pressure, muscle tension and pain. These adjustments also improve circulation and nerve signals to your neck to reduce inflammation and stimulate healing. When needed Dr. Herrington may use spinal decompression as part of your neck pain treatment. This increases the distance between the vertebrae to allow for healing of herniated discs and reduce pinched nerves. Our wellness team alleviates your stiff neck through exercises designed to stretch overly tight muscles from injuries such as whiplash. We also guide you through exercises to strengthen muscles supporting your neck and upper back that may be stretched due to poor posture or from spending hours working on a computer. Since our approach is holistic, along with our chiropractic adjustments and techniques, we provide lifestyle skills to reduce your pain on a daily basis. For example, Dr. Herrington may ask to rearrange your work area to reduce a sore neck and future discomfort. Our Hattiesburg chiropractor also shows you proper ways to sleep, sit, read, stand and drive that will eliminate neck pressure and muscle tension. As you progress through chiropractic care for neck pain relief, you also discover an overall improvement in your well-being. From increased energy level and immunity to greater mobility and focus, chiropractic care is beneficial during neck pain recovery and after. 

Contact Herrington Chiropractic in Hattiesburg Today

Living with a stiff neck and neck pain, interrupts your day and your night. You may find it uncomfortable to sleep when your neck has been injured, so we encourage you to contact Herrington Chiropractic today for effective neck pain treatment. Our approach is all natural. We work with your body's ability to heal and enhance this healing process through gentle adjustments, corrective exercises and lifestyle changes. Our services are beneficial for those of all ages, so if you or a loved one is suffering from neck pain, contact us today at (601) 450-4567 for immediate and lasting pain relief. 

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I've been receiving chiropractic care for over 10 years and have seen multiple chiropractors throughout that time. Dr. Herrington is without any doubt the best that I've seen. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking chiropractic care in the Hattiesburg area. .

Leah Evans
Hattiesburg, MS

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