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Posted on 05-18-2017

Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy in Hattiesburg

Has our chiropractor in Hattiesburg recommended cold laser therapy as part of your recovery plan? Explore what this natural pain control treatment is, why we may recommend it for patients who want natural recovery with no medications, and how it works to effectively manage your pain and reduce your symptoms. 

Woman getting cold laser therapy at her chiropractor.

How Does Cold Laser Therapy Work?  

Cold laser therapy uses a low-level laser light (also called a cold laser light) to address neck pain, back pain, inflammation, and injuries. During treatment, we hold the laser light up to the affected area and the wavelengths of light address your pain. The laser looks similar to a flashlight. 

While you won't feel the light touch your skin, a lot goes on underneath the surface. The light penetrates to your injured tissue where it interacts directly with your cells. As the cells absorb the particles of light, they're able to heal and grow. As a result of treatments, injured tissue heals with no medications and your symptoms lessen. 

Treatment last 15 minutes or longer. Our Hattiesburg chiropractor will typically hold the beam of light to a particular area for 30 seconds to a minute. 

Cold laser therapy works well for a range of injuries and conditions. Our Hattiesburg chiropractor may suggest this treatment for: 

  • Neck pain 
  • Knee pain
  • Back pain
  • Shoulder pain 
  • Headaches and migraines 
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Auto accident injuries
  • Personal injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Tendonitis
  • Pulled muscle
  • Nerve damage
  • and much more! 

What are the Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy in Hattiesburg? 

Cold laser therapy in Hattiesburg offers many benefits, in addition to the opportunity to recover with no medications. 

Cold laser therapy is gentle and noninvasive, so we can use it on everyone from infants a mere days' old up to seniors. There are no harmful side effects associated with this treatment method. Additionally, cold laser therapy provides noticeable relief from pain and inflammation in minutes. 

Cold laser therapy works well as a standalone injury treatment or together with other treatment methods, from physical therapy to chiropractic. By using a cold laser to address the tissue components of something like auto accident injuries, then addressing musculoskeletal injuries with chiropractic, you can make a full recovery without pain medication. Many of our patients enjoy this because they dislike the expense and potentially addictive properties of pain medication. 

Get Non-Surgical Pain Relief at Our Local Hattiesburg Chiropractor Today!

Take the first step toward non-surgical pain relief today by reserving an appointment with our chiropractor in Hattiesburg. Call (601) 450-4567 to set up a consultation with our chiropractor. 

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